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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands



Little Disciples Learning Center offers a secure, safe and fun environment while the children are learning. Children have a curriculum that consists of a daily schedule with developmentally appropriate activities for the children which support the needs of the children's individual skills. The classroom environment is filled with nurturing experiences for each child. Such activities include: Dramatic play, music, arts & crafts and lots of hands-on activities. Children will also have an opportunity to explore their gross motor skills by running, jumping and climbing and by participating in organized play activities. 

Mission & Goals

Little Disciples Learning Center stands on the belief that What We Do Today Will Impact Tomorrow. 


Little Disciples Learning Center was established to provide quality child care services to children and families in the Franklin County communities. LDLC purpose is to assist the children in their development as responsible educators of society through growth, enrichment, field trips and curriculum-based activities. Little Disciples Learning Center staff is dedicated with educating parents with information that will provide the development that is necessary for the children success. This goal will be supported through continued workshops, on-going training, life skills and providing community resources. 

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